May opens cool and could continue wet, 30 day outlook issued

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April ends on a chilly note – cooler than it opened with a high of only 60° and coldest close to a April in 8 years.  By 6 pm the temperature had slipped to 49° in the city – nearly 20° below normal and more typical for a mid-March day.  An upper low has stalled over the Midwest delivering the cloudy, cool conditions along with some patchy light rain and drizzle.  The low is expected to linger through Friday afternoon.

ADI Temps
6 PM Temperature Wednesday – Mid March levels


EURO 500 mb Map Weds 4-30
Upper low lingers through Friday


Thursday morning will open in the lower 40s – a far cry from May of 2013 when the high temperature hit 81°.  A forecast low off 44 makes this the coolest start to a May since 2005.

Thursday morning low temperatures

Afternoon clouds will once aging increase Thursday and produce a few scattered showers.  The clouds will once again prove critical in how cool the afternoon will be.  Thursday and again Friday beneath the upper low high temperature may fail to 60°.



April 30th marked the 61st day of meteorological Spring 2014.  Since march 1st 56% (34 days) have been below normal.  The average temperature of 55.1° has this spring running 35th coolest on record.  April ends as a statistical wash – nearly normal.  The average temperature for the month ended .3° above normal snapping a sting of colder than normal months at 6.  The last month above normal was September 2013.

Winter Temps
Spring 2014 ranks 35th coolest to date


Rainfall to date has reached 7.77” this spring only .40” above normal.  Nearly 70% of the spring rainfall came in the month of April.  April 2014 will end at the 26th wettest April on record, while the spring as a whole (since march 1st) ranks 56th wettest to date.



The month starts with an average high of 68° and warms to 77° on the 31st.  We gain 53 minutes of daylight and normally have 5.05” of rain – the wettest month on average each year.



May opens chilly but warmth could surge into the state middle to end of next week.  There are hints that the first 80° day of the year could arrive next Thursday.  The official outlook from the Climate Prediction Center has equal chances for above or below normal temperatures here this May.

30 Day Temps
Equal chances for above or below normal temps this May

The wet trend of April is expected to spill into May with above normal chances for wetter than normal conditions.

Above normal chances for a wetter than normal May



The average date of our first 80° comes April 21st and now 9 days behind schedule.  The last 80° day came October 4th, now 208 days ago.  Last year 80° arriving early on April 9th.  The earliest 80° day ever came March 8th, 1974 and the latest June 5th, 1983.  The overnight runs of both the U.S. model and European computer are forecasting a windy, strong storm crossing the central Plains states by the middle to end of next week.  3 straight days the computers push 80 degree warmth into the city.  Stay tuned – it is showing a large north to south temperature spread as a warm front slices through the heart of the state.

Euro Weather map Weds May 7
Weather map 8 AM Wednesday morning May 7th

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