CARMEL, Ind. — Heavy snow is projected to pile up in central Indiana hours before the Wednesday morning commute, meaning now is the time to prepare.

Brett Bobrow with Best-One of Indy, a full service auto care center, said the shop gets busy right before a winter storm.

”We definitely see an influx of business just before a storm. Everyone is trying to get in,” Bobrow said. “Maybe they need tires, maybe they need to get that last-minute oil change.”

Heavy snow is expected Wednesday morning in central Indiana. You may not have the time to swing by a Best-One of Indy or another auto care center, but there is plenty of maintenance you can do at home.

”The biggest thing is to make sure you have good tread depth,” Bobrow said.

Tires without enough tread can be dangerous in slick winter weather. Bobrow said to look for the tread mark to make sure your tires are good.

”On any tire there is a tread mark, and that is legal limit, so you want to have double that thickness or better in this type of condition,” he said.

While you’re checking that tread, Bobrow said it’s important to make sure your tires have air.

Next up on the maintenance checklist is your windshield wipers and fluid.

”Make sure you have good wipers, they’re working correctly, and make sure your fluids are topped off,” Bobrow said.

This includes your coolant, windshield wiper fluid and oil.

Bobrow said you may need a little help for this next step. Pop your hood and make sure your battery has enough juice to get through the storm. You may need to stop by a service station on your way home.

”Any automotive service station will happily check your battery,” Bobrow said. “Most of them will do it for free.”

You can also purchase a battery pack that will recharge your battery if it dies in the cold weather.

That can be a good item to keep in your car along with extra coats, blankets, food, water and anything else you think you might need if you get stuck.

Another essential item is your ice scraper and brush. Bobrow said to make sure to use that instead of trying to get your windshield wipers to do the job, that can tear up those wipers and more.

”That will eventually break your wiper motor or part of the transmission underneath, so you definitely want to use a scraper and not your wipers to break up ice or real heavy snow,” Bobrow said.

Your best bet for staying safe is just to not go out in the weather at all, but if you need to, Bobrow has simple advice.

”Go slow, stay in the grooves and try not to panic,” he said.