Meet the people who will decide what your kids learn in school

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INDIANAPOLIS — There’s a group of Hoosiers gathering to decide what your kids will learn in school and Fox 59 got a look inside to see what they’re doing.

Take a close listen and you’ll hear terms you recognize, or maybe learned about back when you were in school. Things like percentages, vocabulary and Latin roots.

“They’re really hashing out what makes a really strong college and career ready standard,” Deputy Superintendent Danielle Shockey said.

This week marks the second time the groups of teachers and administrators have met to re-write Indiana’s school standards. From Kindergarten to senior year, they’re laying out what teachers will teach kids at every level.

“(We go) line by line, item by item,” teacher Brett Stoker said.

Stoker teaches English at Tipton High School and at first, was reluctant to join the panel.

“I wasn’t sure I was really the right person for the job,” Stoker said.

Turns out, though, he was a good fit. Stoker and others on the panel are teachers, both at the K-12 and college level.

Their work is pain-staking and has taken longer than expected. The final vote on the standards has been pushed back to late April.

After the draft is completed this week, it will go to a panel of college and career experts. They’ll see if the skills students are expected to learn will prepare them for the next level after high school.

To learn more about the standards and see a full list of panelists, go to the Department of Education website here.

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