Meet ‘Victor OlaBeefo,’ the injured calf whose name is inspired by Pacers All-Star

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TRAFALGAR, Ind. – What do you name a calf with a leg injury?

If you’re this Indiana family, you go with “Victor OlaBeefo.”

P. Ashley Walden picked the name for the injured calf, which came into the world on a Trafalgar farm last week with an injured leg.

“I asked my grandpa if I could name our newest calf born with a leg injury. He said only if it’s a good name. Everyone, meet Victor OlaBeefo,” she tweeted.

Her grandfather, Forest Albertson, received all kinds of suggestions from his grandchildren, according to our media partners at the IndyStar, before the 80-year-old heard the one he couldn’t turn down.

The name, of course, is inspired by Indiana Pacers All-Star Victor Oladipo, who suffered a season-ending right quad injury in January. While the two injuries are vastly different, both Oladipo and OlaBeefo are recovering.

The calf hurt his front left leg. According to the IndyStar, he was especially big, which can sometimes lead to problems during birth.

Victor OlaBeefo, appropriately enough, is sporting a yellow cast reminiscent of the Pacers’ colors.

OlaBeefo isn’t the family’s first calf to have a basketball-inspired name, the IndyStar reported. When Victor Oladipo was playing at IU, twin calves were born on the farm during the Big 10 tournament. The family named them “Cream” and “Crimson.”

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