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ANDERSON, Ind. – The Anderson City Common Council will hold a special meeting Thursday to discuss the recent actions of the mayor and his son.

Some are calling for Mayor Tom Broderick to step down after he accidentally posted a Facebook Live video during a private conversation at home.

At one point, he was heard using the F-word while talking about council members, saying, “Those people are driving me nuts, [expletive].”

In a statement, Broderick said he accepted responsibility for allowing his comments to be heard online:

While the conversation was in the privacy of my home and made to an immediate family member with no intent for public dissemination, I accept responsibility for allowing the comments to get out into the viral world.  While I stand by being frustrated over what I deem to be very serious and pressing matters, that in my view need to be resolved in a fair and just manner setting politics aside, I do apologize to anyone who was offended by the unintentional release any of the remarks.

Meantime, the mayor’s son, Evan Broderick, was recently arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in Edgewood.

He was found in a yard passed out next to his car after a reported crash involving a mailbox. Police said Broderick admitted to the crash.

The council will discuss his employment with the city as a private attorney. Evan Broderick formerly served as the assistant city attorney but resigned in 2018 after being charged in a drunk driving case.