Men arrested after vandalism spree targeting Franklin schools, businesses


Surveillance photo provided by Franklin Police Department

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FRANKLIN, Ind. (Oct. 21, 2015) – Police arrested two men believed responsible for a vandalism spree across Franklin.

A witness reported seeing Roy Burkett, 34, and Brian Shaw, 30, commit some of the vandalism, which included broken windows, broken flower pots, trash cans and slashed tires. The vandalism targeted homes and businesses including Franklin Middle School, Northwood Elementary, the Franklin Parks and Recreation Center and a bathroom in Province Park, police said. Other places targeted included The Artcraft Theatre, The Willard, Jessen Funeral Home, Greek’s Pizzeria and First Baptist Church.

Surveillance video from the Franklin Parks and Recreation Department and Franklin Middle School also identified the men, police said. Both were arrested on a charge of felony criminal mischief Tuesday afternoon.

Investigators are reviewing additional video footage to see if more charges are warranted in the case. Anyone in Franklin who may have had damage to their home or property and chose not to report it should contact Detective Ray Tice at 346-1143.

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