Miami County prison on lockdown due to COVID-19 outbreak


MIAMI COUNTY, Ind. — 71 inmates at Miami Correctional Facility have tested positive for COVID-19.

Family members of inmates are worried and frustrated about how the prison is handing the pandemic.

“He says there’s a guy in there that looks like he’s literally dying,” Jennifer Wilburn said.

Jennifer Wilburn’s boyfriend is an inmate at the facility.

She said he’s told her the prison moved more than 200 inmates into the gym for quarantine.

She was told not all of them tested positive for the virus.

“He has tested negative but is by people that are positive,” Wilburn explained.

Tracy Scott received a similar call from her son who is also an inmate.

“All he kept doing was saying he loved me. He said it about 6 times. He tells me he loves me but not that much; like if something was going to happen to him,” Tracey Scott said.

On Wednesday, a spokesperson for the prison confirmed more than 200 inmates were in quarantine.

Today the prison’s dashboard lists 115 inmates are in quarantine, 125 have been placed in isolation, and 71 have tested positive for the virus. 

These loved ones think the prison should change their quarantine protocols and separate those who have the virus, and those who have just been exposed.

“I love him very much. Of course, I don’t want nothing to happen to him in there,” Wilburn said.

The Indiana Department of Correction lists outbreak protocols on its website.

It says if an offender is ill in a housing unit, all offenders in the unit should be quarantined with restriction to movement.

Moving forward, Wilburn would like more communication and a better understanding of their protocols.

“We don’t want to have to bury him coming out of the prison because of this virus,” Wilburn said.

The spokesperson for the prison says in response to the outbreak they are cleaning all common areas on a continual basis.  

The ACLU of Indiana has gone on record about not doing prolonged lock downs.

Even requesting Governor Eric Holcomb to take steps to reduce the jail population during this pandemic.

To learn more about protocols by the Indiana Department of Correction, click here.

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