‘Mini pigs’ become big problem as animal rescues become inundated with swine

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HENDRICKS COUNTY, Ind. – More people are buying “mini pigs” after seeing cute internet videos. They may seem cute at first, but the seemingly mini-pigs can bring big problems.

Local animal rescues are overflowing and desperately trying to find new homes for pot-bellied pigs marketed as “mini pigs.” The problem is the pigs don’t stay miniature and they grow too big for people.

“Just last week I got over seven phone calls about people wanting to surrender pigs,” Oinking Acres Farm owner Olivia Head said.

Head runs the pig rescue in Hendricks County. She says the rescue quickly reached capacity.

“Social media has portrayed the great image of micro mini teacup pigs that are going to stay maybe 10, 20, 40 pounds but that’s just an outright lie honestly,” Head said.

Pigs also get attacked by dogs. Dr. Angela Lennox with Avian Exotic Animal Clinic says pigs and other exotic animals are constantly getting attacked.

“It just takes a minute for instincts to kick in and an injury to happen so our recommendation is to not do that. But if it’s something you can’t resist, be present every moment and be ready to intervene at the first sign something is going wrong,” Lennox said.

If you are interested in adopting or owning a pig, experts recommend doing your research.

“Come out to a rescue see what it’s really like,” Head said.

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