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A female inmate reported missing from inside the Marion County Jail late Saturday afternoon told Fox 59 News that she was released by mistake Friday morning, had no idea she was wanted and asked for our help in surrendering to Sheriff John Layton.
Brandy Majors, 32, was taken into custody by a Marion County Sheriff’s detective in a park near Fountain Square as Fox 59 News was attempting to negotiate her surrender to Sheriff Layton.
“Are you Brandy Majors?” asked Detective Wayne Sharp as he dashed from an undercover vehicle that suddenly arrived at the corner of Spann Avenue and Randolph Street. “You’re under arrest for two felony warrants.”
“This is all a mistake!” Majors cried as she was being placed with her hands behind her back into the rear seat of Sharp’s car.
The story Majors told Fox 59 News may prove she is right.
Majors was arrested on the far eastside of Marion County Thursday afternoon by a Lawrence police officer who determined she had an outstanding warrant for auto theft out of Hendricks County.
“He said it was issued in February,” said Majors. “I’ve never been contacted. No detective has ever called me.”
Majors said she has never stolen or misappropriated an automobile in Hendricks County, though she was been the victim of identity theft last September when her purse was stolen and she was later arrested on mistaken charges.
“Parties advise that discovery is ongoing on the issue of mistaken identity,” reads a drug case lodged against Majors last fall in Hancock County. 
“State files motion to dismiss,” reads an entry dated December 12, 2012.
Majors thought when a sheriff’s deputy called her to a clerk’s desk in the basement of the jail Friday morning and told she was free to go that the Hendricks County warrant has been withdrawn for the same mistaken identity reasons.
“I thought they realized someone had used my ID and I thought they were just gonna let me go.”
So Majors collected her belongings, walked out of the back door of the Marion County Jail, around the corner, and right back into the front door of the Marion County Jail.
“I went to the front of the jail and used the courtesy phone that they have right by the front doors,” she said.
It was 8:00 Friday morning.
“As I was waiting my turn, I even went to the rest room inside the jail, came out of the rest room and waited for my turn, used the phone to call a ride.”
The lobby of the Marion County Jail is under the surveillance of video cameras. Calls from its pay phone are tracked.
After the call Majors walked over to the city county building and waited 45 minutes for a ride, spent Saturday shopping at Walmart and eating at Subway and was at home watching baseball on Fox 59 Saturday night when she received a phone call from her brother-in-law.
“He said, ‘You’re all over Fox 59 News that you escaped from jail.’ And I’m, like, ‘What?’”
Sunday morning, as Brandy and husband watched Fox 59 News and saw her story repeated, they decided they needed some help.
“She’s not ready to go back down there and be treated like an escapee from the Marion County Jail,” said Greg Majors, “so I rode away from the house and I called Fox 59 News and I said, ‘Hey, I wanna set this story straight. You guys have been pumped full of misinformation.”
What followed was a nearly five hour long ordeal as a Fox 59 News crew was observed by Beech Grove police officers and Brandy’s version of her release was captured on camera.
At 3:40 p.m., on a park bench, Brandy consented to a phone call to Marion County Sheriff John Layton to surrender based on his personal guarantee that she would not be held in the Marion County Jail while her disappearance was investigated.
Brandy wanted to spend the night in the Hendricks County Jail.
As Brandy waited for a return phone call from Sheriff Layton, a detective arrived, having discovered her whereabouts through another source, and took the missing inmate into custody.
Greg Majors was then able to receive an assurance from Layton that his wife would not be housed in the Marion County Jail and treated as an escape risk.
“So you’re giving me your word now that you will have her transferred to the Hendricks County Jail within 20 minutes her being in your jail?” Majors asked during a phone call with the sheriff. “She will not be sitting in your jail?”
Majors said he got just such an assurance from Layton who later told Fox 59 News that he received confirmation that Majors was on her way to the Hendricks County Jail in Danville at 6 p.m. Sunday.
“I’m glad I called you,” said Greg Majors after he got off the phone with Layton. “I’m glad you came through. You held up your end of the bargain. They did get her unsuspectedly. I we would’ve got ahold of (Layton) maybe 15 minutes before that, that probably never would have happened, but it sounds like everything is gonna work out for the best.”
As far as Majors knows, his wife is being held on a $500 cash bond for the auto theft in Hendricks County that she says she did not commit.
She may still be held on the charge of allegedly escaping from the Marion County Jail.