Mitch Daniels pulled over for speeding by campus officer

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WEST LAFAYETTE (Oct. 28, 2015) – Indiana’s former governor and current Purdue University President Mitch Daniels is making news after being pulled over for speeding on campus.

He was stopped by a campus police officer last week- but he didn’t get a ticket.

The Purdue Exponent posted this YouTube video of the dashcam footage from last week’s traffic stop:

The video has prompted a lot of reaction online- some people called it “preferential treatment.”

Daniels himself tweeted about it last week saying: “Warning for speeding. Good job Purdue police.”

Daniels was apologetic to the officer as she sent him on his way.

Purdue spokesman Brian Zink released the following statement about the incident on Wednesday:

No one is immune on campus for being stopped for traffic violations, and officers are encouraged to apply discretion in these situations and to determine appropriate enforcement action, based upon their training and experience. In this case, the officer implemented her discretion and issued a verbal warning. President Daniels was grateful for the department’s work and even publicly tweeted about it.

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