Mixed reviews for IU policy cracking down on fraternities and sororities

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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- New policies governing fraternities and sororities at Indiana University are taking some heat.

The policies are part of a housing contract between the University and Greek houses. A year-long effort to make changes in Greek life, called the "Vision for the Ideal Fraternity and Sorority Community," led to the changes in language.

Under the contract, hard alcohol is now banned from houses, as well as public parties. Houses would also have to register a party or event 10 days in advance with the University and keep a guest list that can be requested by the school and must be kept for two years.

The policy causing the most controversy is about searches. The contract, which has been modified from previously drafted language, says "authorized university personnel may enter common spaces and private rooms when there is probable cause..." but specifies they can do so without a warrant and "are free to seize illegal materials 'in plain view.'"

Police and fire officials are also authorized to enter houses for inspections under the contract, but only with 24 hour notice.

Students offered mixed reactions on the policies, but most said they thought it was over-reaching.

"I definitely think it’s a little unfair, I mean you do kind of have the right to privacy," student Jack Weiss said.

"I think sexual assault is a huge problem here and if that’s something that can make a good change, then I think it’s a good thing, personally," student Shane McGrath said.

Greek houses have not signed the contract yet and will meet with university officials on Monday. To see each contract and the over-arching vision, go to the link here.

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