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INDIANAPOLIS — As Indianapolis reaches another record year of homicides and crime, the MLK Center is working to promote peace throughout the city.

Organizers are hosting nonviolence training every month with 12 hours broken up into two sessions. The first set of sessions run December 3rd and 4th at Common Ground Christian Church (4550 North Illinois St.)

Using the six principles of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s nonviolence philosophy, the goal is to address how racism, poverty and militarism is impacting local communities. Through the training, organizers hope people better understand the root causes of violence, as well as gain more knowledge and perspective on how to build and add to a loving community.

“Many people actually don’t even know how violent they are towards each other until they take this training,” said nonviolence coordinator Charity Malone, “In order to prevent violence, we have to know what truly causes violence, and in the training we get to some of the roots of violence, but we also provide the six steps and principles of Dr. King’s non-violent way of living.”

Organizers want to stress this is not a de-escalation training, but is more geared toward personal and professional growth and development.

Sessions for December 3rd and 4th are full, but registration is open for next month’s session set for the end of January. Registration is $10.