State rep at center of sexting scandal appears on House floor, says he’s not resigning

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INDIANAPOLIS (March 16, 2015) – A Democratic state representative embroiled in a sexting scandal spoke on the House floor Monday.

Justin Moed, 32, told reporters he does not plan to resign his seat in the house.

Six days ago nude photos hit the internet. Gossip sites reported they were of Indiana State Representative Justin Moed. Monday, the Democrat came back to work and apologized in person.

"I'm deeply sorry to those that I've hurt in this situation," he said.

Moed still would not confirm when FOX59 asked him to verify the allegations.

"I haven't read anything that's out there, so I can't tell you that," said Moed.

Sydney Leathers told FOX59 by phone on Monday night she did not press for the naked pictures. She said once she figured out who Moed was, she didn't tell him she would go public. She said she knew she had to.

"I never once was like, hey, show me your backside or whatever. He just sent them willingly," she said, "I would be a liar if I didn't say that I was a capitalist first and foremost, so money was definitely a motivator. It's just too funny to not tell in a way," she said.

Moed said he will not resign, and he also wouldn't comment on whether he'll run for his seat again.

"Obviously this situation has been a big lapse in judgment, and you know it's going to take time to work through that and to rebuild trust with everybody from my family to my constituents. And I'm committed to doing that," he said.

IndyStar Political Analyst Tom LoBianco said it remains to be seen if Moed can get past the scandal. At this point, it appears he's handling it well, LoBianco said.

Though, it's important to remember it is 2015 and a time when pictures don't go away easily.

"Getting in front of it fast, helped definitely," said LoBianco, "The explicit nature of what's been put out there though does not help at all."

Moed said he has people circling around him and would not give a clear answer when asked if he is getting counseling.

He also wouldn't answer the question of when his relationship with Leathers began.

Leathers said her interaction with Moed started on Feb. 4. At first, she didn’t know his name or that he was a politician. A gift from Amazon sent by Moed included his name on it.

After the scandal came to light last week, Moed issued a statement apologizing for the incident and saying he was committed to rebuilding trust with his family and community.

Leaders in the House said Moed didn’t break any ethics rules.

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