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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The Woodhaven Park Apartments on the west side have some units that are filled with mold, mildew and others that have fallen into disrepair. Tenants living there say their landlord is doing nothing to fix their problems.

“This has been messed up for a month and a half,” said tenant Robert Coleman.

“Two or three times a week I’ve contacted building management and they told me they were going to get it fixed,” he said.

Coleman said his management company removed part of the ceiling in his bathroom because of a mold issue. Six weeks later, his ceiling is still not replaced.

“I want some place that’s safe, some place where I feel comfortable bringing company over, I don’t want to bring anybody over while my apartment is looking this way,” he said.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in Coleman’s two bedroom apartment. The smell of mold and mildew reeks throughout, not to mention, Coleman says he’s seen massive roaches crawl out from his floors at night.

“You call them and call them and call them and they say they’re going to come and they never come,” said Tracy Cox.

Cox is a tenant as well. She too has odor from mold and mildew that consumes her apartment.

“I think it’s wrong, to do people like this,” she said.

The Marion County Health Department has been to both apartments and has issued work orders to the management, demanding they fix the mold, the mildew and the caving ceilings.

PF Holdings, the company that owns Woodhaven, responded to the allegations by telling us: Contractors have wanted to help Coleman for weeks, but can’t because of an alarm system in his apartment. Cox’s air conditioner has been replaced and that had fixed her mold problem. As far as roach sightings, the company had an admission, they said their current exterminator isn’t cutting it and they’re working to find a new one.

The Marion County Health Department will be back out at the apartments Friday to make sure repairs were made. If not, Woodhaven can end up in court.