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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Sept. 16, 2015)- An Indianapolis mom came home from the grocery store to find three thieves in her home. On Thursday afternoon, Angel Bodenhamer pulled into her northwest side home and saw a man peeking from her backyard.

“He was inside of our fence so he obviously this guy was the lookout,” explains Angel Bodenhamer, who chased off thieves.

Bodenhamer went inside her home and saw the guys used a rock to bust through the living room window. The mom of three saw the three thieves running from her backyard, so she hopped the fence and went after them.

“There was nothing left in my mind except for get someone caught,” explains Bodenhamer.

Bodenhamer saw two of the guys go into the woods so she narrowed in on the third guy.  During the entire chase, Bodenhamer was on the phone with 911, giving descriptions and whereabouts of all three. Once she heard tires screeching and sirens she backed off.

“I was very angry. I think it was just, this is where my children live, this is my house, this is my personal space and I just wanted somebody to get caught and we did,” explains Bodenhamer.

Police arrested Mark Robertson, 19.

“I had on a Notre Dame sweatshirt that said protect this house so that sweatshirt is now incredibly ironic,” said Bodenhamer.

The thieves got away with a PlayStation, computer, a TV, and a ring that belonged to Bodenhamer’s grandmother.

“If they are so disrespectful that they can break into someone’s house, they don’t care what they take. It’s just zero respect,” says Bodenhamer.

Even if the other two suspects end up getting caught, it doesn’t solve everything.

“This is our privacy and once that’s been compromised, it’s just never the same again and I don’t want anyone else to experience that,” said Bodenhamer.

Robertson has been charged with burglary and residential entry.