Mom, friend arrested after police find drugs in hotel room with 11-day-old boy


Stephanie Hollingsworth (left) and Christina Muncey (right)

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MUNCIE, Ind. (April 8, 2016)– A mother and her friend were arrested by police after officers found drugs inside a Muncie hotel room. One of the women had her 11-day-old son with her.

Police arrested Stephanie Hollingsworth,  24, of Kokomo, and Christina Muncey, 25, of Anderson, on Thursday evening. An anonymous tip led police to the Fairfiled Inn on West Bethel Avenue. When police got to the hotel, an employee said they were concerned for the child’s well being. Another employee stated they saw one woman “almost drop the baby” in the parking lot.

Hotel managers led police to the room rented by the two women. Inside the room, police found crystal meth  in plain view. No one was inside the room when police entered, however, during their investigation, the two women pulled into the hotel parking lot where they were met by other officers.

Court records show a police K9 sniffed out drugs inside the car the women were in. Police found prescription pills and marijuana inside Hollingsworth’s purse. Police noted Muncey’s newborn baby was sitting on her lap.

Police said during their investigation, they discovered the woman were likely not selling the drugs, but using them, in the presence of the 11-day-old boy.

“That’s a huge concern, just for the welfare. The mother had an 11-day-old baby infant and she was actually breastfeeding also. It’s just deplorable that she would actually do that,” Sgt. O’Dell said.

Muncey admitted to police she took multiple narcotics while pregnant with her son. She also admitted to using heroin, meth and marijuana while breastfeeding. Police said their biggest concern during this investigation was the health and safety of the child.

“If they’re shooting up heroin or methamphetamine, which she admitted to using all types of drugs, then you’re going to pass out. The child’s going to be there by themselves. It’s going to be neglected. This child was neglected,” said Sgt. O’Dell.

Police credit the anonymous tip for likely saving the child’s life. If police didn’t receive the tip, they likely would not have known the women were there.

“With the reaching out of the community to the local police departments and showing their concern, we were able to help this child,” Sgt. O’Dell said.

Muncie Police Sgt. Scott O’Dell said crystal meth isn’t incredibly popular, but it is concerning that the powerful drug is being seen more frequently in Muncie.

“We haven’t seen a lot of crystal meth in this area, but it’s starting to show up. We have been buying crystal meth as far as undercover work, so it’s slowing progressing here more than usual,” O’Dell explained.

CPS is involved in the investigation.

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