Montgomery County group helps feed truck drivers during coronavirus pandemic


CRAWFORDSVILLE, Ind. —  While travel advisories order people to stay home, truck drivers continue to spend hours behind the wheel delivering essential items to stores across the country. However, shutdowns are impacting their time on the road.

A group of people in Montgomery County who want to make sure drivers know they’re not alone.

Along State Road 32 in Crawfordsville on Sunday, a sign to show appreciation got the attention of hundreds of truck drivers passing through in hopes some would stop for a quick bite.

The message restaurant owner Isaac Weliver wants all drivers to take away is their work is not going unnoticed during the pandemic.

“Without them our society comes to a grinding halt. All of us got to see what it was like for Walmart to be empty for a little while. Imagine if it stayed that way,” said Weliver.

Weliver, along with other local businesses, joined together to create “Project Feed the FaM.”

“What we don’t realize is that it seems like magic that there’s always food on our shelves, but this is how it gets there,” added Weliver.

With social distancing and hand washing a top priority, Weliver brought his expertise from the kitchen to the truck stop.

“We did get a chance to ask them about their experience, and it’s been hard continuing to move things,” said Weliver. “We’re watching all of this stuff on Facebook and YouTube of these truckers not being able to be taken care of since a lot of the lobbies of restaurants were closed down.”

It’s a gesture of appreciation that the group wants to give to not only truck drivers, but anyone who is willing to step up during this difficult time.

“By the end of the night we’ll be over 500,” Weliver added.

That’s 500 people. So far, he has also fed local families, fire fighters, officers, and health care workers.

“Without them, in three days our country shuts down,” said Marc Robinson, a former truck driver who is helping in the efforts. He has friends and family who are still drivers, and he’s been told some of the pressures they are dealing with.

“What he is finding is troubles finding a place to stop to shower, a place to stop to use the restroom, a place to stop and get a burger,” explained Robinson, “That’s the problems they are telling me. They were so grateful and appreciative, and all we gave them was a hot dog and a water. What did that cost us?”

Project Feed the FaM is stepping up to the plate during an uncertain time to offer a meal and a thank you.

“As long as we can keep ourselves strong and realize we’re in this together, we’re going to be alright,” said Weliver.

Click here if you would like to recommend a family or public service group to receive a meal from Project Feed the FaM.

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