Mooresville property owner may be stuck with hefty bill after tires dumped on property

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MOORESVILLE, Ind. — A tower of tires is creating a mosquito breeding ground for one Mooresville property owner.

The catch? He didn’t put them there.

Scott Wynkoop bought the property through a tax sale. He let the woman living there stay as a tenant and hasn’t been allowed inside the home yet. The woman said she went to the hospital with pneumonia, and when she came back, her yard was littered in 600 to 1,000 tires. She filed a police report with the Morgan County Sheriff’s office.

“It’s criminal what was done,” Wynkoop said. “I’m the one stuck holding the ball. The guy who dumped it all is not taking any responsibility for it.”

An investigation from the Indiana Department of Environmental Management claims Butch Douglas is responsible for the cleanup. He owns D & S Auto Parts. The investigation said he sold the tires to the tenant’s daughter’s boyfriend, and even helped drop them off. The man claimed he was going to sell them online.

Douglas said the tires on the property have been there for years, and that they aren’t the tires he sold the man. He said the ones he sold the boyfriend are of usable quality. Most of the tires in the pile are cut up, ripped, or heavily worn out.

“EPA requires that I clean up, or it is cleaned up,” Wynkoop said. “IDEM, I told them it would take a $10,000 dollar cleanup. Their response was probably $10,000 to $15,000.”

Douglas denies that he is responsible for the massive tire pile. Wynkoop fears he may need to pay thousands of dollars to remove the tires then seek legal action to recoup the money. Douglas is also contemplating taking legal action of his own.

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