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MOORESVILLE, Ind. — The town of Mooresville is dealing with more cars, semis and crashes than usual this year.

Police Chief Kevin Julian said nearby highway construction has sent travelers through town and residents are frustrated.

Roxanne Maze is one of those residents. She lives, works and drives in Mooresville.

“Our small area of town is built for far less traffic than we have and not for these huge semis,” Maze said.

On Monday, her and one of those big semis got into a crash.

“As I went through the intersection I saw that he wasn’t stopping,” Maze said. “He hit me full force in the front.”

The crash happened at the intersection of Indiana St. and County Line Rd., it was her second time getting in a crash at the intersection since June.

Julian said his department is seeing more crashes at that intersection and all over town.

“We get complaints on a daily basis, not to mention the traffic, from people cutting around the alleyways, speeding down the alleyways,” Julian said.

He connects the increase in traffic to the construction projects on I-70 and I-69.

“Basically with all of that construction it’s just inundated us with all this traffic here in town, people trying to get around those different projects,” Julian said.

He said Mooresville roads are not meant for this size or level of traffic.

“We have a major intersection up here, High and Indiana,” Julian said. “We have a problem with semi-truck traffic going through there and it is not a truck route. We have a light post up there that gets hit on a daily basis.”

According to Julian, total crash numbers have already passed last year and are closing in on 2019 numbers.

So far this year, there have been 366 crashes in Mooresville; 46 of those were personal injury crashes and there was one fatality. On average, there have been just under 38 crashes each month in Mooresville in 2021.

In 2020, there were a total of 318 car crashes. That averages out to more than 26 each month. Thirty-nine were personal injury and one was a fatality.

For 2019, there were 380 total crashes in Mooresville, the average per month was 28, and 28 crashes were personal injury with one fatality.

As for the idea of conducting a traffic study to try and make changes, Julian said construction would probably finish before the study.

“Several of these projects are going to be completed sometime in the near future so we’re not going to have that problem,” he said.

Julian is asking drivers to be more cautious.

“Just be aware of your speed,” he said. “Use a little patience. You’ll get there. Just be courteous to other drivers.”

Maze said she knows she got lucky in both of her accidents, now she’s hoping people will take her story as a warning and pay attention if they’re going to be passing through town.

“There are schools all up and down that road, there are children here,” Maze said. “You’re not from our area, you don’t understand. Pay attention, this is not a highway.”

Julian said Mooresville residents should be getting some relief right now as the High St. project cutting through town shuts down until the spring.