More business joining public safety camera program in downtown Indy

Cameras may hold key to cracking arson case

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INDIANAPOLIS — A relatively new public safety initiative is taking off across the city. In 2020, the B. Link Pro effort went online.

Through this program, businesses across Indianapolis are able to connect the cameras outside of their buildings to IMPD’s Incident Analysis Center. This gives officers livestream access to the footage.

The first camera went online in the middle of last year, and dozens more have joined.

“We saw a huge outpouring from the business community,” Dane Nutty, Executive Director of Indy Public Safety Foundation, said. “So, to date, we’ve got about 50 cameras already installed and that is in about a four-to-five-month period. We have another 50 cameras that are in the pipeline or in the process of being installed.”

Nutty said about 20 downtown businesses are already a part of B. Link Pro.

“We have a couple in the process of parking garages, yes,” Nutty said. “That will come online soon. We don’t know if it’s going to be before NCAA or not.”

B. Link Pro is a voluntary program, and a business can stop paying the service fee whenever they want to stop the connection.

“The cameras, the camera systems, the actual video, that is property of that individual or that business,” Nutty said. “So, they’re their cameras. They’re simply just deciding to share access with IMPD. So, they’re saying, ‘this is my business, you can look here.’”

Huse Culinary’s St. Elmo and Harry & Izzy’s were among the first to join B. Link Pro.

“We have three cameras with multiple eyeballs in each camera,” Co-Owner Craig Huse said. “So, kind of a whole range, spectrum of views around Illinois and Georgia Street.”

B. Link Indy is a program for homeowners to register their cameras in a system used by IMPD. This does not give officers real-time access to cameras, rather lets them know where a camera exists.

“We just know where that’s at and then basically after an incident may occur, we can know who has access to video perhaps and get to them quicker,” Nutty said. “That way video isn’t lost.”

You can learn more about both B. Link Pro and B. Link Indy on

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