More potholes popping up, creating headaches for central Indiana drivers

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The up and down temperatures in central Indiana are leading to more and more potholes popping up around town.

The Indianapolis Department of Public Works (DPW) sent crews out Monday to patch up some problem spots. But, viewers tell FOX59 they are frustrated with the road conditions in parts of the city.

Our crew set out to find the worst potholes based on comments, tweets, emails and phone calls from viewers.

First, we headed to Zionsville Road, near 86th Street. Shoppers at nearby businesses were quick to point out the issues they face while driving along that road.

"It looks like a cluster bomb," said Nick Slabaugh. "The road is so bad you can't even steer around them. It’s incredible. They’re so deep and they’re everywhere."

Meantime, some drivers in Broad Ripple are dealing with the damage caused by potholes on College Avenue near 67th Street. Our cameras spotted orange cones in the middle of the road to alert residents about deep potholes.

Another tweet urged FOX59 to check out German Church Road near Pendleton Pike on Indy's far east side. There, we encountered drivers who say they are all too familiar with the treacherous blocks filled with potholes.

"It's got holes big enough for tires to fall in and it's dangerous," one driver said. "It’s two and a half or three miles between here and Pendleton Pike that it's just constant."

Finally, we headed to 79th between Georgetown and Ditch. Some blocks along this stretch are covered in potholes from one side of the road to the other. Residents in the area say they've reported the same potholes to DPW multiple times, but they're still waiting for them to be addressed.

"They’re hard to miss," said driver Jim Howser.  "Almost driving through the yard to miss them at times."

For now, drivers in that neighborhood continue to brace for impact whenever they venture down 79th. Howser said he's worried about his tires dealing with this sort of wear and tear.

A spokesperson for DPW said they have about 16 crews out Monday working on potholes. They base their plan of attack on where they're seeing the most pothole requests and which roads have the most traffic. DPW aims to address those issues in three to 15 days.

To report a pothole, click here. You can also call the Mayor's Action Center at 317-327-4622.

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