More than 20 cars covered in Yellow striping paint after hose on state contracted truck explodes

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Indianapolis, Indiana (July 11, 2015) – Around 25 cars are now covered in Yellow striping paint after a hose on the back of a construction truck contracted by the Indiana Department of Transportation burst Friday night. Sending several gallons of Yellow paint onto Interstate 65.

“It looked like either a hose or a valve up to the rear base of the truck, where I assume it dispenses paint was not connected or ruptured because it was not a small leak. I mean you could see the paint moving, there was a current,” says driver Joe Cavanaugh.

 Several drivers traveling between mile marker 100 and 99, just South of Indianapolis drove their cars through the large puddle of paint in the Right lane.

“Once we got to the exit and committed to the exit, it was clear something bad had happened. So, we drove through a river of paint and that was that,” says Cavanaugh.

This spill created a big mess, caused headaches for drivers, and potentially damaged over 20 vehicles. Now, the big question is who is responsible for repairs to the cars covered in the Yellow striping paint? Nate Riggs of INDOT says owners will have to fill out a tort claim with the state. Supplying pictures of the damage and information about the incident. That claim is sent to the Attorney General’s office.

“I know that it was an accident. But, I hope that INDOT takes care of their responsibilities,” says driver Tonya Murphy.

For information on how to file your claim, follow the link below.

For other inquiries and questions call Gridlock Traffic Systems Inc. 317-541-2727.

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