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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (November 6, 2015) – It was a random inspection by Animal Care and Control done Thursday that raised some major concerns. Friday, more than 50 dogs have been removed from Upton’s Dog Training on Southeastern Avenue.

Normally packed with pups, Upton’s Dog Training was swarming with Animal Care and Control officers Friday.

“Came out here yesterday, saw some things that were a little unsettling,” said Animal Care and Control Deputy Chief of Enforcement, Kim Wolsiffer.

Wolsiffer came to Upton’s on a random inspection Thursday and what she saw she says, raised major concerns.

“A majority of the concerns we had were along those lines; the size of the kennel that the animals were being kept in and the medical concerns that we’d seen with multiple animals,” said Wolsiffer.

Many of the 50 dogs taken by Indy ACC Friday were German Shepherds owned and bred by Upton’s owner, Paul Upton. Several other dogs that were taken, were privately owned and were trained or boarded at the facility.

Animal Care and Control officials sited violations of the city’s animal care and treatment ordinances.

“We’re not in agreement with the way that he’s up-keeping the facility itself and we don’t want to put more dogs in danger,” said Wolsiffer.

Upton’s is a 30 year south east side staple. It’s even “famous,” according to its own sign. It’s known among many as a prominent spot to train your dog, or buy a purebred German Shepherd.

“They even consider him a dog whisperer I guess. I’ve only heard good things,” said Antonio Cortes, a new Upton’s dog training customer.

The news came as a complete shock to customers.

“I’ve heard it’s been a really good place and everything my girlfriend’s looked up on google and everything, it’s really good,” said Cortes.

“You’ve got to know what you’re doing with your animals and they’ve got to have enough respect for the owners in caring for the animals,” said Wolsiffer.

Wolsiffer said the Animal Care and Control veterinarian will be inspecting all the animals over the weekend. For the time being, Upton will not be allowed to board any animals, however he will be allowed continue training if he chooses to do so.

He was issued a series of violations, and will have to pay multiple fines.