GREENCASTLE, Ind. — There is a lot of shattered glass across Greencastle after a weekend shooting spree left several residents cleaning up an expensive mess.

Pieces of glass were still visible on several streets Wednesday night. At least five cars were hit on East Washington Street with the victims waking up to the damage on Sunday morning.

“I looked at my window and I was freaking out because my first thought is they broke in and they tried to get something,” Savanna Junkin said.

Junkin’s rear driver-side window was busted out from the gunfire. She said she realized nothing was taken and immediately called the police.

“They told me that 15 different cars around the city got shot out with BB guns,” Junkin recalled.

Greencastle Police Chief Chris Jones confirmed his department is investigating those 15 instances along with some in Putnam County that may be connected.

Several of Junkin’s neighbors also said they had their car windows shot out. However, they were not the only targets.

A few streets away, one family had two of their cars hit. David Frost lives on that same street and said that he didn’t notice his truck had been hit until he got home from church.

“I was talking to the neighbors and I decided to take a look and sure enough I’d been shot at a couple times,” Frost said.

Frost said the BBs missed his windows but still left their mark on his vehicle.

“You work and try to have nice things and somebody’s got to take that away from you,” he said.

Frost said his insurance is covering the cost to repair his truck, but that he still has to pay a $100 deductible. However, his neighbor who had two cars hit said he’ll be shelling out close to $2,000 to get his vehicles repaired.

Junkin, a college student, said her parents are helping her cover the cost of the repair. However, she said she knows that others aren’t so fortunate.

“Their insurance is not going to cover it. They’re not going to have someone who’s going to be like ‘oh I’ll pay for it real quick’,” Junkin said. “It’s going to be a hit to their pockets.”

The victims said they suspect it was teenagers who were messing around and chose to go on a shooting spree throughout the city. However, they said it’s no laughing matter.

“I wish parents would keep track of their kids a little better,” Frost said.

Chief Jones said his detectives have obtained surveillance footage of a suspect vehicle and are working to track down other leads. He is still asking anyone who knows anything to give his detectives a call.

Junkin said she’d like for someone to be held accountable but that she isn’t confident that’ll happen.

“If we never find out, that is what it is,” Junkin said. “But they’re going to have to live with that.”