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MOORESVILLE, Ind. — A Morgan County family is seeking road changes after their loved one was struck and killed while walking with his girlfriend on a date in September.

“It’s so hard. I wait for him to walk through that door every day, and I know he isn’t going to,” said Carry Moore, talking about her grandson TJ Willoughby.

He was riding his skateboard that night, while his girlfriend was on a bike. They were on their way to a park for a date. The location is not far from his home on McClure Boulevard in Brooklyn, which is just outside of Mooresville. The incident happened along Old State Road 67. The 18-year-old was struck and killed on impact.

“I said, ‘Just be careful, you know?’ Don’t stay out too late,” remembered Willoughy’s aunt Brittany Price, “I heard a scream of ‘Oh my God, no!’ Then about 30 seconds later I heard tires. The first instinct was it’s my nephew. I just felt it.”

His family says the street is extremely dark with no sidewalks. There is a memorial out there now for the teenager. They plan on adding a Christmas tree to the memorial in the coming days. The solar power lights on it will give some illumination to the road.

“If someone drives by put an ornament on there in his memory,” added Price.

They have almost 500 signatures on a petition to get lights and signs put on the road. If the city doesn’t react, they are prepared to take matters into their own hands.

“I spent whatever little money I had to buy a machine to make my own signs because I am going to put them up myself if the state won’t do it,” said Price.

“If you don’t put one down there, we will. If you take it down, we will put another up even if we get a ticket. I’ll pay it,” demanded Moore.

We reached out to Mooresville Public Works to see what can be done. We expect to connect with them on Tuesday.