Morgan Johnson finally gets national attention after 10 months

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Morgan Johnson has been missing since May of 2011, and his family has expressed serious concerns about the search for the 28-year-old man. Finally, Wednesday night he received some national attention.

Johnson was just featured in a new series on the TV One Network called “Find our Missing.”

Each week, the series highlights missing people of color who the shows’ producers feel have not gotten the attention they deserve.

It is a feeling shared by Johnson’s family, who has said they are doing everything they can to keep his name and face in the public. They just put a billboard up in Indianapolis using donation money, and they have also held several events in Central Indiana and traveled over several state lines to drop off flyers at truck stops and restaurants.

“Somebody out there will see or know something to lead us, and the police, in the right direction to bring him home safely, bring him back,” said Janice Johnson, Johnson’s aunt. “You wouldn’t even know the joy. You wouldn’t even know how thankful we would be.”

A silver alert was issued for Johnson a month after he disappeared. He left his Plainfield hotel room without his seizure medication.

Johnson’s family filed a complaint with the Indiana Civil Rights Commission and several other agencies, claiming the Plainfield Police Department could have done more to find their loved one.

A commission spokesperson said the investigation is ongoing.

A captain with the Plainfield Police Department said they received a letter about the complaint, but they have not been interviewed. The department participated in the television show, saying they also want to find Johnson.

Johnson’s car was also never recovered.

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