Mother furious after daughter not allowed to use sunscreen at school

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SAN ANTONIO, Texas (June 6, 2014) – One mother is furious after her daughter’s school wouldn’t allow her to use sunscreen.

Christy Riggs’ 10-year-old daughter came home sunburned from a school field trip this week because the school district wouldn’t let her daughter reapply sunscreen.

Riggs says skin cancer runs in her family; in fact, her father recently passed away from it.

But the school says sunscreen is considered a medication and students need a doctor’s note to have it at school.

Superintendent Aubrey Chancellor said, “Typically sunscreen is a toxic substance, and we can’t allow toxic things in to be in our schools.”

The school says if students have an allergic reaction or ingest the sunscreen it could be dangerous.

But Riggs says this just isn’t common sense.

“When you have several hundred children on field day being burnt, then you have to ask ourselves what do you want them to be safe or not.”

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