Mother infuriated by lack of charges after daughter is badly injured at daycare

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A mother’s fight for justice after her daughter was badly injured at daycare hit a major snag this week as prosecutors dropped charges against the daycare owner.

Lechelle Hadrick’s daughter, Zy’ayr, broke her jaw in three places and cracked her skull while at daycare in 2011. The owner, Kimberly McGill, had faced six charges of neglect and told investigators that Zy’ayr fell off a pool table while she was in the other room.

“I was at the point where I was fed up and something needed to be done,” Hadrick said.

Hadrick was unhappy that McGill was unlikely to face jail time. This week, though, she was even more upset to learn that charges against McGill were dropped and prosecutors no longer plan to go through with the case.

“We believe that a crime was not committed in this case,” deputy prosecutor Cindy Oetjen said.

Prosecutors met with Hadrick, explaining to her that they did not have enough evidence to convict McGill. The only witness to the supposed fall was an 8-year-old boy at the daycare and other children made conflicting statements about where McGill was when it happened. Doctors also were conflicting in their assessment of how Zy’ayr got her injuries.

“She can’t really speak for herself, she can’t tell anybody what happened and… nobody cares,” Hadrick said.

Hadrick said she’s meeting with a lawyer to talk about a potential civil case. She also wants to look into pushing for stricter laws that would punish daycare workers when children are hurt in their care.

McGill’s lawyer told Fox59 that she is relieved to put the case behind her and that thing was simply an accident. There is still a case pending at the Department of Child Services and until it clears, McGill will not be able to reopen her daycare.

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