Mother makes progress on campaign to fix handicap swings

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INDIANAPOLIS – The city of Indianapolis says it will take a look at broken handicap swings, after a mother with a handicapped daughter began a campaign on Facebook.

When Amanda Young takes her five-year-old daughter Jacie to the park, she often either ties her into a broken seatbelt or finds no seatbelt at all on the swings meant for handicapped kids.

“If you’re at a park and you see someone vandalizing these swings that these kids play on, maybe you’ll say something,” Young said.

Fox 59 took the problem to Indy Parks Tuesday, after finding at least three of the swings without any safety restraints.

Officials said they would contact Young to remedy any problems in her area.

Scott Manning with the Department of Public Works, in charge of fixing the swings, wanted parents to report any swings without restraints.

“If parents and families encounter a swing set that’s been vandalized or maybe where the seatbelt’s been removed, they can call the Mayor’s Action Center,” Manning said.

You can reach the Mayor’s Action Center at 317-327-4MAC.

Young, meanwhile, had begun a fund to help fix the swings. You can find more information on her Facebook page here.

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