Mother of murdered pizza delivery driver claims Papa John’s never gave family fundraiser money

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A grieving central Indiana mothers is asking Papa John’s to follow through on their promise.

Nearly three years ago, 30-year-old Daniel Jaffke was shot and killed while delivering pizza on the city’s south side.

“I just made it through the third Christmas without Daniel, but just barely. It’s been really rough, “said Donna Jaffke, Daniel’s mother.

After the tragedy, Papa John’s held a fundraiser to honor Jaffke and to help his family.

“I was grieving so badly that really the first 18 months flew by without me even thinking about much of anything,” said Donna Jaffke.

The fundraiser brought in $14,000. The proceeds were supposed to be split between Jaffke’s family and a scholarship in Daniel’s name at the University of Indianapolis.

“Nothing, I haven’t seen any of it,” said Donna Jaffke.

The University of Indianapolis told us in a statement, “We are unable to say officially if money was given. There were initial inquiries about establishing a music scholarship and we would be open to continuing that discussion.”

“Sooner or later it comes back at you, what comes around goes around every time,” said Donna Jaffke.

Papa John’s released a statement saying in part, “At the time the funds were collected, Papa John’s requested direction from the family on how to distribute the funds and the company was told by the family’s attorney not distribute anything.  We’ve recently heard from the family’s attorney again requesting the funds be distributed and we have been looking into this request.”

FOX59 showed Daniel’s mother Papa John’s statement and she claims it’s not true. Donna Jaffke isn’t sure if she’ll ever see the donations that were made in her son’s honor.

“I should expect to get it, but at this point, no I don’t expect to get it,” said Donna Jaffke.

Daniel’s killer, Shawn Wilson was convicted and sentenced to 65 years behind bars.

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