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PLAINFIELD, Ind. (Jan. 6, 2016)– The mother of a Plainfield High School student taken in for questioning Tuesday night said he is not responsible for online threats in recent weeks.

Tuesday night, authorities raided multiple locations in Plainfield connected to violent, online threats launched against students at Plainfield High School, Danville High School, and a Hendricks County shopping center.

The mother told FOX59 her son is not behind the threats, despite what he may have put on social media.

“They pounded on the door, said SWAT team,” she said, “I got up. I went to answer the door, and guns were in my face.”

She said her son commented on the online profile launching the threats, claiming he was the real person with that profile’s name.

She told FOX59 that Plainfield Police brought her son in and questioned him, before ultimately letting him go. They questioned her daughter, too. She was present the whole time.

“They asked him a bunch of questions about a bunch of things, and then they asked him if he was Brian Kil, and he said no. And they said, you were on Brian Kil’s page,” she said, “They said that anyone that mentions that they are Brian Kil, they are going to be pulled in for questioning.”

Sources Tuesday night confirmed to FOX59 that three people were taken in to be questioned.

In addition to the raid at the home on Avon Avenue near U.S. 40, investigators took computers and other electronics from a home on East Drive.

FOX59 went by that home on Wednesday, where someone inside told us to leave.

Neighbors in that area are stunned by the threats and the raids.

“It’s pretty quiet, no problems,” said Roy Marlow, who lives nearby,” It takes a pretty low person to cause all that trouble and all.”

The mother said she wishes her son never said anything on the page in the first place.

“We said that is really stupid. Delete it, and it was already too late because people out there are posting screen shots, because everybody thinks they are the hero, and you are not,” she said.

She also wants investigators to find the real culprit.

“I want to know, do you actually have a real lead on Brian? From what is going on here and what happened last night, they don’t,” she said.

The mother said her son is being suspended from school because of all of this, a punishment she does not believe is fair.

Plainfield Schools did not return our request for comment.

Neither Plainfield Police nor the FBI released new information on the investigation, as of Wednesday evening.