Mother ‘terrified’ following bus stop incident in Perry Township

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Sadie Batchelor is just one of many parents in Perry Township shaken by Tuesday morning’s suspicious bus stop incident.

“You just can’t trust anybody anymore,” said Batchelor. “My daughter is only five. She is in Kindergarten. I mean, it’s terrifying.”

Perry Township Schools sent out the following statement letter:

Law enforcement is investigating a report of suspicious activity at one of our bus stops. On the morning of Tuesday, August 6, 2019, a man in a red car approached a student near the 5100 block of Shelby Street just south of Thompson Road. According to the student, the man tried to convince her that her bus was running late and that he would take her to school. Fortunately, the girl’s brother was nearby, and he instructed her not to go. Perry Township School Police and Indianapolis Metro Police are investigating to learn the driver’s identity. Currently, the only description they have is a white male in his late 20s. He drove a small, four-door red vehicle that had a baby in a car seat in the back. As always, the safety of our students is our top priority. Our officers will continue regular patrols of our community to maintain safety for students waiting for and getting off our buses. We also encourage you to talk with your child about safety and stranger danger. Anyone with information about this driver is asked to call IMPD at 317.327.3811.

Batchelor’s child lives close to where this all happened.

“Literally, is walking distance, like around the corner,” said Batchelor. “You know, anything could have happened. He could have snatched her.”

Batchelor said she makes sure a trusted adult walks her child to and from the bus each day.

Stacia Kelley lives in the area and hopes more parents choose to do this as well from now on.

“Because who knows what could have happened,” said Kelley.

She also hopes more parents talk to their kids about stranger danger. Batchelor had that conversation with her daughter as soon as she heard about this incident.

“Never talk to a stranger, never engage in a conversation with someone she doesn’t know well,” said Batchelor. “What’s most important in this world is our kids right now, and please say something if you know anything.”

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