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More than 300 riders hit the road with engines roaring bringing attention to the people who work along these roads day and night and a message for the people who pass them by.

“That they need to actually pay attention when they come in to work zones, they need to read the signs, they need to slow down and observe the speed limit and they need to drive just like it was their sons and daughters working there.”

Tim Harvey organized the ride around Interstate 465 and Interstate 69 after two construction workers, Kenneth Duerson Jr. and Coty DeMoss were killed along I69 and 82nd street last year. The Road Construction Awareness Corp used the event to raise money for awareness projects and to help families of victims.

“On May 9, 2014 I got a call that my son got killed in a construction zone accident,” said Dennis DeMoss.

For Dennis this mission is personal. In the past 10 years there have been 11 construction workers killed by motorists coming through work zones. This father hopes more families don’t have to face his reality.

“I blame myself a little bit sometimes, I mean I got him in the business…But I’ve got past that. I can’t lean on that too much I just got to look forward we gotta do something positive out of it,” said DeMoss.

INDOT is partnering with the group to put up 16 new panel signs on interstates to encourage motorists to slow down and save a life.