Mountain Dew’s fan-favorite ‘Baja Blast’ flavor returning to stores April 23


Photo from Mountain Dew

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Beginning later this month, you’ll be able to buy Mountain Dew’s fan-favorite Baja Blast flavor.

The tropical lime-flavored beverage will hit store shelves on April 23. The company said it’s the first time in two years that the soft drink has been available in stores.

The return of Baja Blast is a response to fans who’ve taken to social media to get Mountain Dew to bring it back. The company said it was “overwhelmed” by the amount of people asking for the flavor’s return.

To celebrate, Mountain Dew is giving fans who showed their love for Baja Blast by using #BringBackBajaBlast on social media the chance to appear in a series of videos. The company said those selected “will bring to life the bold lengths they would go to bring the beverage back.”

The promotion also includes NASCAR driver Chase Elliott, who will drive a special Mountain Dew Baja Blast car at Bristol Motor Speedway on April 15.

When it hits stores nationwide on April 23, Baja Blast will be available in 20 oz. bottles, 12-packs of 12 oz. cans and additional multi-pack sizes. It won’t be available forever, so fans should definitely stock up this summer.

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