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Brick Mansions Trailer
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Brick Mansions is the new action movie starring the late Paul Walker.  Walker, most well known as Brian O’Conner from the Fast & Furious films, passed away on November 30, 2013 in an auto accident and Brick Mansions serves as one of his last films.  The movie is a remake of the 2004 French movie District 13.  Both Brick Mansions and District 13 use parkour in a number of their stunt sequences without the use of wires or computer effects.  Parkour is a training discipline that uses the most efficient way possible to get from point A to point B, usually involves scaling walls or jumping off of buildings.  This activity has gained popularity through videos on the internet and YouTube.  One of the original founders of parkour, David Belle, stars in the movie alongside Walker and Wu-Tang Clan member RZA.  The movie is directed by Camille Delamarre and was written by Luc Besson, Robert Mark Kamen, and Bibi Naceri.

The roughest area of Detroit known as the brick mansions is so overrun with criminal activity that the city was forced to put up a large wall around the area to protect the rest of the city.  The mayor of Detroit has big plans for the future and it involves the destruction of these walls and cleaning up the brick mansions.  When the drug kingpin of the brick mansions, Tremaine (RZA), comes into possession of a bomb, the mayor sends in undercover officer Damien Collier (Walker) to stop it from detonating.  The only problem is that Damien can’t go about this alone, he needs the help of Lino (Belle), a resident of the brick mansions and current inmate that is doing all that he can to clean up the crime himself.  Both Damien and Lino have ulterior motives in getting to Tremaine.  Damien is seeking revenge for his family and Lino is trying to save his kidnapped girlfriend.  It becomes a race against time and a ticking bomb before everyone and everything in the brick mansions is destroyed.

Ladies and gentlemen, we now have a new frontrunner for worst movie of the year.  Unless something really strange happens, Brick Mansions should win in a landslide.  I can’t for the life of me figure out how this movie even got made.  Maybe it was for the hardcore parkour fans out there (all 500 of them), I’m not really sure.  All kidding aside, I contemplated getting up and leaving after the opening 5 minute sequence.  The people making this movie either don’t care about the quality or they think that moviegoers are just plain dumb.  The script is so ridiculous that its almost comical and the acting was atrocious.  I couldn’t believe some of the idiotic things that they expect the audience to just accept.  Everything about Brick Mansions felt like a made-for-tv movie, with the exception of having Paul Walker front and center.  It’s a tragedy what happened to him at such a young age and I sure hope that he’s not remembered for this lackluster effort.  If you’re considering heading to the theater and spending your hard earning money on Brick Mansions; run, don’t walk away from the theater as fast as you can.  I’m sure there will be many people that get suckered in by a flashy trailer or Paul Walker’s good looks, but I’m warning you to not be one of them.

Grade:  F

Brick Mansions opens in theaters on Friday, April 25.

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