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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (Dec. 10, 2015) – Just before dawn, in at least six locations across Indianapolis, federal agents led a coordinated series of raids aimed at whittling away at the individuals and groups linked to moving drugs and enforcing their underground business with guns in the city.

“We found firearms, we found some drugs, those are the kind of things we usually find when we go out and search for individuals that we investigate,” said Suzanne Dabkowski, a spokeswoman for the ATF. “ATF is the lead agency for the Achilles Task Force which has been out this morning executing search and arrest warrants for individuals that we have both state and federal warrants dealing with firearms, drugs, that type of thing.”

FOX59 News witnessed one man in handcuffs being led out of a home in the 600 of North Livingston Avenue on the city’s west side as investigators removed handguns and shotguns.

A resident of a home in the 200 block of Belleview Place told FOX59 News that shortly after 6 a.m. SWAT officers burst through the door of the house, tossing in a flashbang device, and leaving with one man in custody.

The suspects are expected to appear before a federal magistrate this afternoon.

Today’s raids are the latest in what are increasingly becoming weekly operations involving state, federal and local agencies to tackle single suspects and groups trafficking in drugs and weapons as investigators often seize cash and property in cases based on wiretaps, undercover buys and confidential informants.

“Where are the hubs of violence? Where do you have a high number of firearms crimes reported? Where do you have a high number of firearm shots fired, that type of thing?” said Dabkowski. “These are the areas that we need to concentrate on and gather information on and see if there are individuals in that community that are the hub of that that we can remove them.”

Just before Thanksgiving, a similar strike force of federal agents and local officers smashed a Mexican drug ring that was importing heroin and methamphetamine directly into Indianapolis.

In the last two years, investigators have successfully taken down four separate local drug organizations, one of them the Grundy Crew that is thought responsible for perhaps two dozen unsolved killings.