Muncie applies for $24M in federal funding for infrastructure projects


MUNCIE, Ind. — The city of Muncie just applied for a $24 Million Federal Build Grant with the Department of Transportation. Big changes could be coming to the city’s infrastructure if approved.

“Most cities, municipalities, and states will use it for large highway projects. We’re using to help fund some infrastructure and road improvements for our primarily in our downtown area,” said Mayor of Muncie, Dan Ridenour.

Some include a revamped bus station with public restrooms and three new electric buses to replace the diesel buses.

Continuing the brick pattern along Walnut Street to create more outdoor dining for businesses and a more walkable area. Improving seven different streets by repaving, adding trees, and improving signage. Four streets of those streets will be completely redone.

The city of Muncie has about 359 square miles of pavement. The Mayor says they much pave 35.9 square miles every year in order to repave them all within 10 years.

“The reason this is important is it could help if we’re given the grant on seven of those streets several miles of those streets. So, it frees up funds to go toward our neighborhoods,” said Ridenour.

It will also help them create more ADA compliant intersections and sidewalks. And pedestrian trails and bridges to neighborhoods outside of downtown.

“Just make downtown a little bit nicer if we’re given this grant. Help downtown connect more with some of the neighborhoods that are just outside the downtown area,” said Ridenour.

When he first took office the local roads and streets account was negative by $1.9 Million; being one of the city’s biggest deficits when dealing with those overdrawn accounts. Since then they’ve moved some money around and applied for matching grants to get things done.

“We know this is not a guarantee, but it’s one of those things if you don’t take a swing at the ball, you’re never going to hit it,” said Ridenour.

The city is expecting to hear back on September 15, if they are approved.

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