Muncie sees first suspected meth lab in a long time

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MUNCIE, Ind. – A rare find in Muncie is getting the attention of law enforcement after they busted an active meth lab. And while investigators say most users aren’t making their own meth, they’re still using it in higher numbers.

The sign on the door of a house on East 8th Street says it all: Unfit for human habitation. Authorities said the home is contaminated by dangerous chemicals used to cook meth.

“It used to be very common, for several years we were seeing that very often,” said Delaware County Chief Deputy Prosecutor Zach Craig.

But not so much anymore, he said, despite this recent case.

Earlier this month, authorities arrested Alexandria Creviston and Richard Lewis, accusing them of manufacturing meth, after investigators say ingredients like salt, lithium and Sudafed were found inside their house.

“We’ve seen the numbers of those kind of portable, self-made labs really drop off,” said Craig.

Much of the meth supply is coming in from Mexico and California. According to information from Indiana State Police, in 2016 they busted 943 meth labs all across the state but in 2018 that number was down to just 186; an 80-percent drop in just two years.

But meth use, Craig said, is actually increasing.

“We’ve seen a jump up actually in possession of methamphetamine cases,” said Craig.

And it’s tying into the heroin epidemic.

“We’re also seeing individuals who use both at the same time,” said Craig.

But with the number of meth labs like this one falling, so too authorities say, does the risk to the public.

“It definitely cuts out an additional problem we have in the aftermath of cleaning up,” said Craig.

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