Murder suspect admits to killing Indy man, but claims he acted in self-defense

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – New details are emerging about what led to a deadly shooting on Indy’s northeast side.

The city’s latest homicide took place early Monday morning near 46th and Shadeland. Police quickly arrested a suspect, Adrian Parson, for that killing.

According to court records, Parson stayed on scene after the shooting and confessed to pulling the trigger but claimed he acted in self-defense.

The shooting followed a Super Bowl party. Roger Smith, 39, died after being shot in the front yard of a home on Elizabeth Street.

According to the arrest affidavit, Parson told officers, “I didn’t mean to shoot him.” Parson then later admitted the victim charged him and he began shooting.

“Indiana has one of the broadest self-defense laws in the entire country,” said attorney Jack Crawford. “If you perceive yourself being in danger from an attacker, you don’t have to retreat. You can stand and defend yourself.”

Attorney Crawford isn’t connected to the case, but says Indiana’s self-defense laws won’t automatically protect Parson, who has been arrested for murder.

Prosecutors claim one witness told police, “Roger charged Adrian and Adrian unloaded his magazine then went inside, came back out and shot Roger several more times when Roger was on the ground.”

Another witness said Parson fired 15 shots or more.

“The key factor is whether the shooter was acting reasonably and people will judge that,” said Crawford. “How much is too much? That’s the question that’s left open. The question in this case is whether the shooter reasonably believed the assailant was going to harm him after he shot him several times.”

Police claim Parson told them the shooting started because Smith’s family is racist towards him because he has a light complexion.

After Smith was killed, investigators say a female victim showed up to the hospital and claimed she was shot during a homicide on the west side at Skateland, although it was later determined she wasn’t being truthful and had actually been shot in the leg on Elizabeth street.

She is expected to be okay and Parson is also facing a possible charge of aggravated battery for causing that injury.

Parson is due in court on Thursday. Until then, he’s being held without bond.

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