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INDIANAPOLIS — Two men are now charged with murder following a deadly shooting at a gas station on Indy’s near southeast side.

The victim’s mother feels like the court system failed her family because both men accused of the murder had active warrants before the shooting.

Prosecutors believe the victim, Justin White, was targeted at random.

White stopped at the gas station on Keystone on his way home from work in mid-January when he was robbed and killed by two men just shy of his 30th birthday.

“His birthday is coming up we don’t get to celebrate that with him.  He’s got a daughter that he won’t get to see grow up,” said White’s mother Jerri Radcliff.

Family approved picture of Justin White.

Prosecutors claim Tavon Macklin, seen on surveillance wearing a black shirt, and John Ziegler who wore red, both shot White during an attempted robbery.

Court records claim the pair planned to rob someone at random.

“This could have been prevented and it wasn’t,” said Radcliff.  “If they would have got these guys off the street, my son would still be walking around with me today.”

Following the murder police allege Macklin was wounded after firing shots at police on Forest Manor last week.

Prosecutors also believe Ziegler robbed a Boost Mobile, as well as a Dollar General and a Circle K.

Police released surveillance photo of murder suspects.

Both men had active warrants during all those crimes.

“The frustration is you have people who are repeat violent offenders cycled into the neighborhoods by design by a broken system of criminal justice,” said Indy FOP President Rick Snyder.

Snyder claims Marion county courts allow over 4,000 offenders to be on GPS monitoring at any one time and 100 of those devices are cut off every month.

He believes that perpetuates a cycle of violence.

“We’ve got to close the revolving door,” said Snyder.  “We firmly believe if we closed this revolving door of justice, we’ll see a 30 percent reduction in our homicide rates.”

“The system needs to get better for moms like me and families like mine.  There’s no need losing loved ones that don’t need to be lost,” said Radcliff.

Both Ziegler and Macklin will be held without bond pending trial on their murder charges.