My Gender Reveal Party: The twins are…

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Whether it’s mother’s intuition or just a lucky guess – the TWINS are BOYS!

Gender Reveal with Balloons

I wrote in a previous blog post and have told anyone who’s asked that I thought there are TWO BOYS in this belly from the beginning.  I had a dream about it one night early on in my pregnancy, and as my Italian grandmother used to say (Miss you, Nonis!), ‘That sews that one up!’ 🙂

Even though you cannot live and die by Old Wives Tales, I line up perfectly with the “boy” ones:  my belly is a basketball, I’m craving salty not sweet, and, I haven’t had any acne breakouts.

Finding out the sexes of our twins has been one of the most exciting moments thus far in our pregnancy journey.

My husband and I both have BIG families. We wanted to tell everyone at the same time! So, we invited EVERYONE over to our home for a gender reveal party.

Everyone loves a good reason to attend a PARTAY, right?! 🙂

The gender reveal party trend has been around for a few years now– thanks to Facebook, Pinterest, and Etsy.  The typical time frame for a gender-reveal party is around the halfway mark of pregnancy, when the ultrasound technician gets a good look at your baby.

Then, the doctor or nurse makes a call on behalf of the parents-to-be to either a bakery or a party store to help with the BIG reveal.

A pink or blue icing-filled cake is one of the most popular gender reveal trends.

“Celebrating life is one of the best things. To pair it with food and cake, it doesn`t get much better than that!  We get a call nearly every week for a gender reveal party,” explained Gwendolyn Rogers with The Cake Bake Shop.

Once Gwen’s team knows the cake filling color, they get to work layering pink or blue between the cake tiers. The big reveal only happens when mommy and daddy cut into the cake!

Balloons in a box are another popular gender reveal trend – and, that’s what we did!

My mother-in-law wrapped the boxes in Christmas-colored paper since our twins are due in December (Christmas in July!). I did NOT know. My husband DID. He actually knew for 10 days and kept the secret (everyone tells me that’s crazy!).   I honestly didn’t ask him very many questions, despite my nosy-news nature, because I wanted to find out with our families at our home. So – we didn’t talk for ten days … KIDDING! I just tabled all my journalistic interview skills while at home.

With everyone outside our home, I opened the boxes (!!!) one at a time.

My excitement got the best of me: I almost tipped over the second box when MORE BLUE balloons flew out.

I then lunged at my husband, jumping up and down with excitement – mostly because, I was so damn proud I guessed correctly.  Mother really does know best! 🙂 

Now, even though many couples do find out the gender, there is an “old school” trend to NOT find out until the delivery. Recently, my cousin Jacquie and friends Kye and Andrea all didn’t find out until their little men (Boys-Boys-Boys!) arrived into the world. I am just too curious. I had to KNOW! Blame it on my job 🙂

I enjoyed last week off with my husband on vacation (#babymoon) picturing these little BOYS in my house. #Thing1 #Thing2

Data pix.

I LAUGH every time I see this Clorox commercial on TV now -  I’m so excited for distance contests in my bathroom (please note my sarcasm!) HA!

Thankful for these fun and memorable experiences with my husband, family and friends! And, I truly appreciate your support, prayers and advice!



#Twinning at 19 weeks

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