Mystery Good Samaritan credited with saving elderly woman from a Muncie home

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MUNCIE, Ind. — A Good Samaritan is credited with saving a Muncie woman after her home caught on fire–but the mystery person was gone by the time fire crews arrived.

Ritchell Bowden has lived in the home on Ball Avenue for the past 18 years. The fire started Wednesday evening when his wife was home alone.

“She called and told me well I got a fire going and said I got supper on. And I said well I’m on my way. And she called me back about five minutes later and said, ‘Honey the house is on fire,'” Bowden said.

And at that moment Muncie fire crews say a Good Samaritan knocked on the door and help get Mrs. Bowden outside. Firefighters never saw who that person was.

“He passed by and seen the blaze come up behind the back of the house and he called the fire department at the same time I guess,” Bowden said.

Longtime neighbor Jasmine Elliott saw the flames as she returned home. She stopped to make sure her neighbors were OK.

“It was just smoke was everywhere and at first it looked like the fire was dying but I felt like it just kept growing and growing and growing,” Elliott said.

The couple has been married almost four years  and now they have to start over leaving both of them in shock. In the midst of trying to figure out what’s next, they’re thankful for the mystery person who stopped to help.

“I thank him for that. I appreciate that. This is a good neighborhood here. People keep in contact and do things for each other,” Bowden said.

Neighbors are also trying to figure out who stopped by to help. Meanwhile Mr. Bowden says the home was completely paid for and the couple did have insurance.

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