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INDIANAPOLIS — We’re learning more about a shooting that left two men dead on Indy’s north side.

Officers were called to the 8800 block of Westfield Way and found two men shot Wednesday night. One of the victims was found shot inside a car, the other was lying on the ground.

The shooting claimed the lives of 20-year-old Blake Coffman and 21-year-old Andrew Jones. Both men died after being taken to the hospital and police are still trying to figure out what led to the violence.

After being shot in the chest, one of the victims ran into the parking lot of the apartment complex for help.

“His phone actually slid out of his pocket as he was running toward me and I swiped it open and called 911,” said one witness.

That witness asked not to be identified, but after calling the police from the victim’s phone, he said he tried to stop the bleeding.

“I tried to apply pressure where he was shot,” said the witness. “He was just bleeding a lot and gasping for air. It was a very sad thing.”

At the same time, the other victim was in the passenger seat of the car after being shot in the head.

“It’s just very scary for me and my family,” said neighbor Barbara Williams. “I have never dealt with anything like this before and I’m 65 years old. It really upsets me knowing it’s so close.”

“This is relatively a quiet neighborhood. We don’t get too many police runs to this area, so it is very concerning,” said IMPD Officer William Young.

In fact, a map highlighting all the homicides this year shows the city has only seen a handful of killings north of 86th Street.

Still, exactly one year ago this week following Thanksgiving, a 20-year-old woman was shot to death at the same complex.  Her boyfriend, 19-year-old Brenen Mosley, was arrested and charged with that domestic-related murder.

Neighbors and witnesses just hope police can figure out who is responsible for the double homicide as well.

The double killing brought the total number of homicides in Indianapolis this year to 251.

Anyone with information on this case is still asked to contact Detective David Miller at the IMPD Homicide Office at (317) 327-3475 or e-mail him at or contact or Crime Stoppers at (317) 262-TIPS.

The double homicide punctuated a violent night where seven people were shot in the span of just over six hours across the city.