Nassar survivors leave federal court disappointed after USA Gymnastics bankruptcy hearing


USA Gymnastics

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Survivors of Larry Nassar posed dozens, if not hundreds, of questions at USA Gymnastics Thursday afternoon. Minutes after the hearing ended, they said their questions weren’t answered.

It took place inside federal bankruptcy court in a United States District Court of Southern Indiana courtroom.

In December of last year, USA Gymnastics filed for bankruptcy while facing more than 100 lawsuits filed by 350 survivors, according to survivors of Nassar.

The three-hour hearing began with an attorney for the U.S. Trustee asking questions to USA Gymnastics’ CFO, Scott Shollenbarger, about the organization’s finances. Questions ranged from topics about bank accounts, investments, insurance, and severance given to former employees.

Shollenbarger was hired for his role in July of 2018.

Survivors said they were disappointed Shollenbarger couldn’t answer more of their questions prior to his time with the organization.

“They had to know we were going to ask questions related to issues, and financial issues, over the last few decades,” said survivor Tasha Schwikert, an Olympic medalist, outside the courthouse. “And they brought someone in who was hired in July of 2018.”

USA Gymnastics said during the hearing, and prior to it, that it chose to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to continue to support athletes, keep operations going for its members, and to more efficiently resolve claims for Larry Nassar victims.

Survivors fear that’s not the case.

“Today was a day filled with I don’t knows and that is not why we left our children at home and left our families, and took days off of work, and lost wages to be here,” said Sarah Klein. “It was not a good faith effort and we were extremely disappointed with what transpired today.”

Shollenbarger and his legal counsel could not be found outside the federal courthouse. During the hearing, the CFO said he represented the organization at the hearing because he is the financial officer. Legal counsel added they had asked survivors for questions beforehand to know who should be present. Those requests were not met.

Survivors said they saw the hearing as a chance to work with the sport to help protect all athletes in their sport.

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