When that burger craving hits, there is no shortage of fast food chains to answer the call. However, quantity does not mean quality.

Fast food fans flocked to a new Technomic survey where they rated the country’s most craveable burgers, and based on the rankings, it looks like good things come in small packages.

White Castle came in at number one with 72.4% of consumers having the chain’s sliders as the most craveable of all. White Castle burgers separate themselves from the most of the competition by being steamed rather than cooked on a griddle or over a flame.

“Only White Castle makes them like that and they are certainly craveable,” said one survey respondent via Restaurant Business.

Southeastern restaurant burger chain, Krystal Company, was the runner-up with 61.2% of respondent claiming it was the most desired hamburger. Krystal is known for its mini-burgers that are also steamed.

The big difference between White Castle and Krystal? Krystal steams their burgers with the buns; White Castle does not.

The biggest chain on the list was Burger King, and it came in at number three with participants name dropping the Whopper and commending the burgers for their char.

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