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GLENWOOD, Iowa – The Iowa Department of Public Safety has joined the investigation into allegations that residents at a facility that treats intellectually and physically disabled adults and children subjected them to human experiments.

The U.S Department of Justice is already investigating the matter, according to WHO-TV. The DOJ sent a letter to the governor last month regarding allegations of “harmful and uncontrolled human subject experiments” at Glenwood Resource Center.

The focus is on “sexual arousal” and “optimal hydration” studies at the facility. The DOJ is also concerned about “inadequate medical, nursing … and behavioral health care, harmful restraint practices and incidents of needless physical injury.”

The Department of Health released a statement on the matter:

“On Friday, Director Garcia requested support from the Department of Public Safety (DPS) to assist in reviewing additional allegations made in the course of her fact-finding efforts. The Department of Human Services (DHS) will continue to be transparent and provide updates as this unfolds, being careful not to jeopardize any aspect of the investigation. Additionally, DHS is working with Glenwood Resource Center (GRC) Parent Family Group to arrange a town hall to hear from, and speak directly with, families.”

Jerry Rea, Glenwood’s superintendent, has been placed on administrative leave as the investigation continues, WHO-TV reported. Gov. Kim Reynolds said the state is cooperating with the investigation and said the allegations are “not acceptable.”

“We are working with the DOJ doing everything that we can first of all to make sure that the residents are getting the care that they need and that they are being taken care of so that remains the top priority and then you know just looking at policies and procedures and reviewing what some of the feedback has been from the personnel that has been there so we are going to continue to try to be– there’s some information that is protected but try to be transparent and open and I think Director Garcia has done a good job in doing that,” Reynolds said.

Federal investigators visited the facility on Dec. 6. Kelly Garcia, director of the Department of Human Services, toured last week.