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Does the thought of taking the SAT in high school fill you with warm, fuzzy memories?

One tutoring company wants to pay someone to relive their test-taking glory days.

Learner will pay one person $1,000 to take a multiple-choice SAT exam. The company says it wants to see if a post-high school adult can score higher than the national average (1060 in 2021, according to the College Board).

“Our ideal candidate doesn’t need any special qualifications, just a confident “can-do” attitude and the ability to spend three hours taking a test,” Learner wrote on its website.

The Post-High School SAT Challenge will not involve an official SAT exam, since Learner does not have authorization to administer the recognized test. Instead, the chosen candidate will take a practice SAT exam.

The essay portion of the SAT is also not included in the challenge.

According to Learner, you’ll get three hours and 15 minutes, along with breaks, to take the exam. That calculates to more than $300 per hour.

Since it is not an official SAT exam, it can be taken wherever the test taker wishes.

You’ll get paid $1,000 cash once you’ve “completed the job requirements of taking the SAT exam that we provide,” according to Learner.

You can apply for the Post-High School SAT Challenge here. Entries will be accepted until June 6.