It’s time to celebrate a Baja Blast summer!

The Mtn Dew favorite is coming back for a limited time, along with some new flavors.

Baja Blast got its start as an exclusive Taco Bell flavor in 2004 and is typically available year-round as a fountain selection.

But as the drink’s mystique grew over the years, PepsiCo decided to release limited batches to retail and convenience stores.

MTN DEW Baja Blast Back in Stores (PepsiCo/Mtn Dew)

Fans will find the original Baja Blast tropical lime-flavored drink along with its Zero Sugar variant.

Some other flavors are joining the summer party, too. Baja Mango Gem is described as a “colorful orange tropical mango flavor.” Baja Gold is described as a “bright island pineapple flavor.”

Baja Blast is also expanding into Mtn Dew’s line of energy drinks.

MTN DEW Baja Deep Dive (PepsiCo/Mtn Dew)

Perhaps the big draw for true Baja Blast fanatics is a special flavor exclusive to 2022. Baja Deep Dive is a mystery flavor available only through a contest.

Only 18,000 grand prize winners will get a taste of the special soda, which comes in a sleek purple can. To enter the contest, fans will have to get an under-the-cap code from each flavor (Baja Blast original or Zero Sugar count as one, plus one each from Baja Mango Gem and Baja Gold).

Learn more about the contest here.