Bill Murray pops out of cake, leads crowd in chant to get Letterman to stay

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(May 20, 2015) – He was the first guest on both “Late Night” and the “Late Show.” It’s only fitting for Bill Murray to appear as one of the final guests during David Letterman’s swan song.

Murray got his last appearance off to a messy start, popping out of a cake and then smearing icing all over the host.

“Everyone’s trying to get you to stay. We want you to stay and not give up. We just want more, Dave,” Murray said, getting the crowd to join in on a chant.

“It’s been great to see you. When you first came here, you were a tubby kid from the ‘Hoosierville.’ Now you look great, you’ve been working out, everything’s been going your way. It’s been great to see you grow from that tubby little Hoosier to the man you are today.”

“The best part of it is friendship, the friendship you’ve brought to the show,” Letterman said.

Murray then took to the streets to recruit others for the cause, leading them in “More Worldwide Pants” to the tune of “Give Peace a Chance.”

The two also reflected on Murray’s many appearances with Letterman with a montage of Murray’s greatest hits.

Bob Dylan appeared as musical guest, singing “The Night We Called It a Day.” It was Dylan’s first TV appearance in more than 20 years.

The “Top Ten” featured “Famous Last Words,” which included a few zingers like “Thanks for seeing me, Dr. Oz” and “May I take a selfie, Ms. Streisand?”

Another guest was Rupert Jee, the owner of Hello Deli who was a staple of Letterman’s show in the 1990s. Jee, whose shop was close to the Ed Sullivan Theater where Letterman’s show is filmed, watched highlights of some of his and Letterman’s hijinks during the show.

A surprise guest also popped up during Letterman’s monologue Tuesday night–Regis Philbin. Philbin has appeared on Letterman’s show 150 times, more than any other guest.

As many guests have over the past few weeks, he urged Letterman to stay on TV. He also lobbied for a part in Wednesday’s finale, but Letterman told him the show was all booked up.

Letterman’s final show airs Wednesday night on CBS4. Be sure to say #ThanksDave on social media!

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