Boston Marathon bomber may be coming to Terre Haute if given death penalty

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(May 13, 2015) – The Boston Marathon bomber could be coming to Indiana if given the death penalty.

Closing arguments are scheduled for today in the federal sentencing trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. After closing arguments, the prosecution will have a final rebuttal before the jury begins its deliberations.

The jury will decide whether Tsarnaev, 21, will get the death penalty or life in prison.

If the jury unanimously agrees to put him to death, he could be sent to a federal prison in Terre Haute. That’s the same prison were Oklahoma City bomber Timothy Mcveigh was executed 12 years ago.

Tsarnaev could be sentenced as early as next week.

Tsarnaev was convicted in April of 30 counts; 17 of them carry a possible death sentence. He was found guilty of conspiring and detonating weapons of mass destruction at a public event as an act of terrorism resulting in death.

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